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Available software for the creation and application of RPs and their quantitative analysis facilitates the spread of their application (no claim to completeness):

  1. Commandline Recurrence Plots
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    by Norbert Marwan
    Allows for the creation of RPs and their quantification analysis for really long data series, commandline based, currently for Unix/ Linux and Win2k.

  2. RQA Software
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    by Charles Webber Jr.
    Allows for the creation of RPs as well as CRPs and their quantification, only for DOS, commandline based.

  3. RQA HPC
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    by Tomas Martinovic
    Highly scalable C code to calculate RP and RQA for cluster computers.

  4. TISEAN 3.01
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    by Rainer Hegger, Holger Kantz and Thomas Schreiber
    Many tools and methods from nonlinear time series analysis, regarding the recurrence based analysis only RPs can be created, free source code, binary executables for OSF, Linux and Windows, commandline based.

  5. RecPlot 1.0
    last updateterminal
    by Krishna Nayak
    creation of RPs and computing the correlation and Hausdorff dimensions, source code available, commandline based (unfortunately, not available anymore)

A comparison between some of the older software can be found in:

Recurrence Plots Online

Try out online, what recurrence plots are:
Recurrence Plots Online

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