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Available software for the creation and application of RPs and their quantitative analysis facilitates the spread of their application (no claim to completeness):

  1. PyRQA
    last updateversoin
    by Tobias Rawald
    Python package to perform recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) and to create recurrence plots in a massively parallel manner using the OpenCL framework

  2. pyunicorn
    last commitversion
    by Jonathan Donges et al.
    UNIfied COmplex Network and Recurrence aNalysis toolbox: a fully object-oriented Python package for the advanced analysis and modeling of complex networks and performing recurrence analysis, including recurrence networks

  3. rqaGUI
    last update 2015
    by Stefan Schinkel
    a Python frontend for the Commandline Recurrence Plots software
    » software/ and

  4. Bios Analyzer
    last update 2008
    by Lazar Kovacevic
    Python based nonlinear data analysis software, allows the creation of RPs and isometric RPs, graphical user interface

A comparison between some of the older software can be found in:

Recurrence Plots Online

Try out online, what recurrence plots are:
Recurrence Plots Online

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